American Health Care Insurance

Millions of Americans keep their confidence in their employers to provide health care coverage. It started during World War II. Employers presented health benefits as a replacement of salary increases to attract employees.

It was 1954 when employer tied up health care insurance in America was made tax free. Starting then, it has been way more affordable for employers to propose health care insurance than wage increase. This immeasurably trims down the amount of employee salary.

This leaves the workforce without a choice because even if they want to opt not to have health care insurance provided by the company, paying for it on their own will be even more expensive. So if an American is employed with a company that does not provide health care insurance, or is not employed, privately purchased health coverage is almost unbelievably expensive.

There is good news. President Obama plans to make the individual market for insurance more appealing. Health insurance companies will no longer be permitted to decline coverage for anyone who is unhealthy. Insurance company also cannot charge the unhealthy person a ridiculously inflated fee.

The president isn’t looking for companies to abandon their workforce on these health interactions, so he plans to impose a $2,000 fine on any company with more than 50 workers, which does not pay for their health coverage. That fine is charged for every employee. So if the company has 100 employees that do not have health insurance paid for by the company itself, the company will pay the government $200,000. That’s a lot of money. So if I were the company owner, it would be a lot more bargain basement priced to pay for every employee’s insurance.

Insurance companies for Americans have also started to offer a fixed sum by the time that a subscribed member retires from employment. This, instead of receiving a monthly pension when they retire. This is given to retired employees to spend on health insurance sold on a privately. This is actually an amazing and very considerate idea! Most, if not all, retired employees have health problems. They have a stack of medicine boxes and bottles that need to be maintained for them to even function. Retirement itself is a difficult phase for these senior citizens and losing their health care benefits will definitely take its toll. Although, these types of plans definitely increase the expenses for employers, it will also make their costs more foreseeable.

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